Have Faith & Be Motivated – Anuj Gupta

Have Faith & Be Motivated – Anuj Gupta

August 14, 2016 0 By Anuj Gupta

It all started in the year 2010; my class 12 results were out and it was not as I expected. Without doing any research as to what career options one can have after opting commerce, I did what most of the students opting commerce do. I filled the CPT form.
Just after the school was over my CPT tuitions started and it was real fun. I met new people, made new friends and yes I cleared CPT without any glitch.
I was not even done with the celebration of me passing CPT ; a new bombardment had happened “IPCC”. This is the second level in the Chartered Accountancy course.14037415_10208954007639232_1212416708_o
That was also the time when I got admission in B.com course of Sydenham College of Commerce & Economics, which is in Mumbai. Few months after my arrival in the finance capital of India, I started with my IPCC tuitions at JK Shah Classes. Well it was a pain to fit in those small benches for almost 6 hours a day for almost 9 to 10 months. But all that paid of as I cleared my IPCC exams smoothly in two attempts.
After clearing the IPCC exams, a student has to get done with the article-ship training which is for 3 years. I got myself registered under a chartered accountant in Mumbai only and I also started my CA Final tuitions. CA final is last level of the course.

It was hard to manage both. I missed most of my classes as I was very frequently sent out of Mumbai for audits.
It took me 4 attempts to clear CA Final. My first attempt was in Nov ’14 in which I failed miserably. It was a very depressing feeling. I must have cried ‘n’ number of times , since I studied so much in those 3 months leave and I could not even clear a group. But I recollected myself and started my studies again for the next attempt,and guess what I cleared my first group in that attempt (May’15). Now only 1 group was left and I was all charged up and was completely focused. With all that I started preparing, but I failed. I was not able to clear that remaining group and again I encountered the same feeling, but this time I did not suffer much because of that,since I had already experienced that earlier. On the contrary I was more determined and focused to clear the course. I started studying again and this time finally I cleared that remaining group as well. WOAH!! What a feeling!! I am a Chartered Accountant.
You must be thinking why am I boring you with this .Well what I am about to say next needed a background .

Whenever you fail in an exam that does not mean it is the end of the world. All you have to do is keep yourself motivated and this motivation lies within you all you need to do is find it. Do not compare yourself with anyone because all it will do is demotivate you.
Let me share with you the things which I did to keep myself motivated. I made a list of the places which I wanted to see, I made a list of music concerts which I wanted to attend. So , whenever I saw the list the only  thing that came to my mind was,that I have to study hard and clear my exams. Apart from this, I also used to read motivational quotes and hell yeah! They helped me a lot.

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There is always a gap of 2 months between the exam and the result. So I utilized that time . I traveled to new places and I developed new hobbies like I started taking electric guitar classes, I started bicycling regularly and I also started writing music album reviews. All these things cleared my mind and gave me a piece of peace.
Passing or failing an exam are the sides of a coin and be assured sooner or later the side which will make you win will show up. Have faith in yourself, since life is all about getting up and giving another try. So don’t loose hope , just don’t loose hope , because the moment you loose hope it is the end of you.
So whenever you are passing from a phase of distress always remember :

“Hope is a good thing, may be the best of things and good things never die”
(This is the quote from one of the best and evergreen movies of all time “Shawshank Redemption”)

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