The guy who passed 24 exams is 22 days – Anurup Roy

The guy who passed 24 exams is 22 days – Anurup Roy

April 22, 2016 0 By admin

As we all know 1st semester in college is all about getting into new life form(yup from dependent to independent form). So sketch out a guy from small town West Bengal into big city Noida. Naah!!!! I was not dumb what you might be sketching, but a guy taking time to settle in. I had A Gf, so landed into a LDR(Long distance relation).Life was rolling on; and then the day came after 2 and a half month, 29th September I fell sick. 3 days into the primary medication I feared dengue as it was common in that time in that area. My home physician told me a list of test over the phone and I did it on 4th day.


Result came next day;it was positive typhoid. One of my P.G mate booked a ticket for me of the next day train to home. Then I ended up in my town hospital on 2nd October. I started recovering that very day, you know happiness of getting back home. On 2nd day I called my gf(ex) nobody picked up. It was 3 days of turmoil so I couldn’t manage a call. I want to notify that we were having frequent fights. And then by noon I got a call back and she broke up with me. Boom!! I couldn’t recall the conversation because  of the medication,so high dose that is to get really dizzy. But I knew what she was saying. I lost her. An hour later I checked her facebook account, She posted a life event saying “Committed to XYZ”. He was a senior in her college whom she met on freshers and the guy who proposed her on her birthday few weeks ago. More things came up to me through a mutual friend of mine in that same college of her.
It was 7th day in hospital, I was going to get released but that noon the fever relapsed. And my date was extended to 3 more days. From that 7th day to 10th day the doctor took 14 blood test of mine and other test also. No outcome and this time the fever was uncontrollable and I even had a blackout once. My parents got scared and decided to shift me to Apollo Kolkata on 10th day. I was under heavy drugs and I could not recall my first 3 days in Apollo. 5th day I started feeling well and the very next day I was out of fever. It took me 4 more days to get cleared by the facility. And during 9 days in Apollo, my blood got diagnosed two times each day and lot of scan were conducted but was of no use. Till today nobody knew what happened to me.
But that was just a start.


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I got back to college as soon as I was able to stand up again. When I reach my semester was getting over in 3 days. I submitted all the assignment and had talk with the official cause I had less than eligible attendance to sit in the exam. But the official didn’t allow me to sit for exams on which I was debarred. Hence I missed 9 exams in total. And as the rule goes in our college we get the second chance a year later. Which means I missed an odd sem exam so I have to give all the subjects with 3rd sem exams. Yes, I gave 24 exams a year later within 22 days and I passed all of them. I had to fight for a year to get out of something that happened with me in 19days. I was alone. Couldn’t make good friends cause already groups were made in first sem which I totally missed. And all the official politics I faced in the college. Made it more drastic. Whatever bad was happening I never left my bad habit which is dancing. I got selected in my college team and now I am the crew head of it.
One thing what I learnt from the whole year of struggle is –


“Hope is enough to break down a mountain  alone. And living with a ‘Kishki Khopadi’  inside is the best way.”


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