Flying High was all I asked for – Ankita Singh

Flying High was all I asked for – Ankita Singh

March 7, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

I was a good ranker in AIEEE and my family wanted me to do BTech but I always wanted to join aviation. And l fought for my ambition and joined aviation.

Including the whole family, only my mom, bhai and nanaji supported me to pursue a career in Aviation. Since I don’t have my father people don’t want to spend a lot of ‘their’ money in my career.



Still, I completed my Aircraft Engineering from Hyderabad and joined Kingfisher. But after few months it got shut down due to the financial crisis. Then I went to Delhi for job because I’m basically a small town girl (Varanasi) so it was quite tough for me to fight against the world.

I started working in a BPO. People started taunting mom and I by saying that she did this and that spent so much money and what is she doing now. Working in a BPO.

I went through a tough phase of depression and after trying really hard I finally got a job in Airlines. I was sooo HAPPY!
But again life was going to test me.

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I met with an accident it was on duty car accident. Due to which I was medically unfit to work. They grounded me and asked me to join as ground staff which was not my cup of tea. Thus, I had to leave the job. And for a while I joined sales in real estate which is completely out of my box. The whole reason of joining a sales job was because my hobbies is travelling, interacting with people, adventures. I’m a solo traveller, I completed almost South India all alone. It’s been 2 yrs now and I’m doing great. Now placed in dubai! 😊


So here I’m after facing so many ups n downs. Passion was aviation and actually still it is. But yes I didn’t stop my self and kept exploring.


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