When the dreams knock your door, you let them come in – Mitali Ghotgalkar

When the dreams knock your door, you let them come in – Mitali Ghotgalkar

March 24, 2018 1 By Illiterate Folks

Engineering became my dream, A dream I pursued for 4 years, but my father since my childhood. He always wanted me to become an engineer.

I went where life took me,up and down,fast and slow,high and low. The journey has been both overwhelming and intimidating. I learnt a lot,it taught me discipline,it taught me patience.I met some great people on the way.

Yet,I always had a question in mind,a bug of curiosity,I was made for something,craved something.

Ever since I started schooling,my mom used to search for a singer in me, always wanted me to become one. As I grew up, fortunately her dream knocked on my door.



They say,”singing is not a hobby, it is an art”. It became my passion, it became my career. A career where I do not have to wait for the weekend, where I do not fear Monday,where waking up at 6 am is not a nightmare, where no one bosses me around, where I am a learner and where I can grow. A career which makes me glow, keeps me on my toe and where I have no foe. A career people say Jolly, Good, Slow!

I learnt classical singing for 7 years, I am currently a “Visharad” in singing. Even though I’m caught up with work throughout the week, I always make it a point to  dedicate some time to music. Saturdays and Sundays are a cherry on the cake.


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Making videos for YouTube, video editing sessions, hunting places to shoot, searching for trending songs has become a daily routine. Music is what keeps me alive, music is what helps me grow and become a better person. My only message to you’all is, if you are passionate about something, do not procrastinate. Go get it. Don’t admire others,admire yourself and be proud of what you do. Stop following stars on Instagram, stop envying their lifestyle. Get up and build yours, so that people follow you, look up to you.

In this journey, people will frown, they will make fun of you, some will try to bring you down. Never feel disheartened, never back out. It is a part and parcel of life. Remember, you are your own superstar!



A journey from being an engineer to being a singer has not been easy. But lets face it, nothing in life is easy. Especially in this competitive world, where everyone is in a race to do better, to achieve better.

I still have a lot to achieve, I’m still a beginner.

I would like to thank illiteratefolks/Khishkikhopadi for giving me an opportunity to pen down a few words about myself. I’m overwhelmed. I would be really happy if at least one of you will get inspired by my words, and start focusing on your goals.


Mitali Ghotgalker

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