From being a Business Graduate to being a Makeup Professional – Khushbu Gandhi

From being a Business Graduate to being a Makeup Professional – Khushbu Gandhi

February 11, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

Hi everyone, Khushbu Gandhi this side. I am a married woman in her late twenties holding an MBA degree with  finance majors. Yay! With that kind of qualification what should have attracted me was stock market, Balance sheets, Cash flow statements and other terms that are as scary as they sound. But what attracted me instead were red lipsticks, winged eyeliners, contoured cheeks, golden eyelids, ombre lips  and Arabic tails. So following my heart I did what I knew I would love ” Makeup”.

Journey so far:

From being a teenager tom boy whose  only  makeup possession was a black kohl to a women with a vanity that would make you mighty jealous ,the journey has been phenomenal.

It all started with a makeup kit I got as gift by my sister-in-law. In sheer boredom I tried some stuff from the pouch on my face and wooooaa was I awestruck!!!


There has been no looking back since then. I joined VLCC for my professional  training in makeup and hair and have attended many workshops by the whose who of this  fraternity and I am still in the process of learning (but hey! learning should never end right).

About Blogging:

I felt a pressing need to share my makeup knowledge with the world out there and the best platform to accomplish my purpose was social media. So then I gave birth(I mean that literally, this blog is my child) to Makeup Musings. I began with Facebook , then came instagram , twitter and snapchat.

My thirst was not satiated coz I wanted to teach more so I started Youtubing. When I uploaded my first video I felt euphoric, may be because now I knew my true calling. I absolutely love shooting tutorials and posting them on YouTube.



But somehow my inner self was still nagging and I knew I wanted my own web portal. I did what my gut feeling told me and today I am a proud owner of a flourishing YouTube channel, amazing fan following on instagram and Facebook and my own web site.

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Sounds dreamy  right, it actually is.


My biggest struggle was people questioning my change of field. Everyone was like why did you do MBA when you wanted to be a makeup artist or why makeup when there are so many other things to do. Although, these things irritated me initially but now they don’t bother me the least.

Remember this one thing when choosing what to do with your life and that is, it should be what YOU want to do not what the society or your family expects you to do. And if you find your true calling go after it even if it means quitting your well-paid job or the comfort of your existing life.



My second struggle came in the form of makeup education. In a city like Kanpur one can hardly find institutes offering full-fledged makeup education. Luckily , we have VLCC here. I got enrolled with VLCC to get my basic training , watched YouTube videos at a loop , practiced makeup on myself and every face I could get hold of and travelled a lot to be trained under expert makeup artists.

Being a blogger in this world where people do not understand the concept of blogging is also a set back. But I am hopeful that the scenario will be better in the coming years.

My advice to you:

Faith , determination and perseverance are the only things that can take you to your goal. There is no shortcut to success so stop wasting time in finding one.


Thanks a lot for showing interest in my journey so far although there are miles to go but I am happy with what I have achieved.



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