An ambivert in pursuit of solitude – Shefali Verma

An ambivert in pursuit of solitude – Shefali Verma

April 11, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks
Just another ambivert, just another scribbler and just another way-too-reserved girl who finally came to the peace and harmony with the solitude through multiple encounters with life and writing as the escape route. 
Because sometimes, all we need is an escape. No! It doesn’t show our ignorance, nor does it mean to be rude. But, it’s the divine soul-food, which some of us need to move on, to exist, to feel, to grow and to live! Being lonely and being in a pleasing solitude are different. The latter is much desirable, whereas the former indicates a void, a horrifying state. Therefore, being able to find that “perfect pleasing solitude”, is a blessing. A blessing, only few could receive; a blessing, only few could embrace, and a blessing, only few could find comfort in.



I, being a really shy and an ambivert, has to go through many of the circumstances, which at times, shattered me completely. It took me a lot to embrace the blessing of solitude which I was enduring. I often felt dejected, often disheartened, for in this world, wanting to live in a cocoon, is much more hard than we can imagine. And so, now that I have come to the point, where I know the difference between all the little intricate things, I am no more desolated.


As a child, I was very uncomfortable in making friends, talking to many people, expressing my views, opinions etc. I was often laughed at, for my strange behaviour, as a result, my confidence also began to drop. I felt I didn’t belong to certain, or maybe to any group of people. But to my rescue, I found composing poems as my way of letting out the bottled-up emotions. To my surprise, I developed a deep passion for the same and began to understand the little unimportant, yet so important details of life which often got reflected in my writings.


I soon reached a point where being out of the certain group did not bother me much. Instead, I began to feel happy about the company of myself which I was enduring. And eventually, to my amazement, people began to appreciate my efforts, motivate me and also recognize me for my talent. This was again a great boost to my confidence. As my passion for writing began to grow in heaps and bounds, I started to see my career in it. As a result, I took English literature as a subject of my bachelor’s degree. I now have a blog at YourQuote where I am motivated and appreciated by my fellow writers for my works. It gives me a great platform.


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 And I feel great pleasure to announce that my first anthology, “Against the Wind” published by Artson publications house is launching on amazon. I am thankful for all the love, bestowed upon me from my people.


So, I’m saying…
I feel thankful, for am blessed with the strange comfort which I can share with very few people, I feel connected to and I couldn’t thank enough, for having those special souls in my life. Of course, having a great company and number of people around you to have a party feels great, but I’m happy that I don’t need a bundle of people to make me elated, just few of them are enough to come to my rescue. Feel proud if you are among those blessed souls, who could enjoy the world full on no one, yet a world, full of everything that a soul needs and every pleasure to cherish the peace.


Go for dreams! It ain’t an illusion, it’s your inner energy directing you towards it. Pay heed. Act!


Happy solitude! Happy writing!


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