Refrigerated hush hush, Enfield and dented us – Anonymous

Refrigerated hush hush, Enfield and dented us – Anonymous

September 15, 2016 0 By Anonymous

“Let’s go to Ladakh “, he uttered these words while taking a sip from his whisky glass . It took me minutes to actually get the gravity of the statement . It was just a random thought and I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that it would come true .I on the other hand thought that he must be high and said this thing without giving it a second thought . And I mean come on Frankly I was not, till date aware what a road trip is, moreover considering my nature I would rather confine myself in a box . But when it came to going out with him I actually wanted to go out and explore the adventures of life. I did not mind going for the trip as it was him, the person whom I love the most, the love of my life.This was the most unplanned trip or the first unplanned trip of my life . I mean sometimes whenever I go back to that time I still think that howcome IT happened . My first trip to a place like Ladakh and that to with my boyfriend .. Sounds exciting right . It was more exciting than one could ever think . So the destination was decided. Now The question was how to convince my parents for the trip . Obviously I couldn’t tell my parents that I m going with my boyfriend on a bike road trip and that to for 15 days . They would have killed me . Quiet obvious . Anybody would have . So I was like let’s give it a try . So I told my parents that me and my friends are planning to go to Leh Ladakh and it would be 15 days trip . My mother was a bit hesitant to say yes at the first place and it was actually right on her part . When I asked my father about this thing I was actually a bit shocked at his reaction . I wasn’t expecting this thing from him . His actual wordings were ” beta koi problem nhi hai . Aaram se Jao or ye Bata do Ki paise kitne chahiye ” and I was like .. Okay I did not know that my dad would be so cool.So one hurdle was crossed.Phewww..So we decided to leave on 17 of May 2016 . The packing and everything was done . But Kisi ne Shi hi kaha hai ” aisa nhi Ho sakta Ki ap kuch Karne Ki Socho or vo aasani se Ho ” . Toh something like this happened with us . We met with an accident on the very first day of our trip in Chandigarh . My entire left side of the face was damaged and had internal injuries on my left . His right shoulder was fractured . I was like oh shit ..┬áNot this yar .. Not now . It was just the starting of the trip .. We both were lying on the road and nobody was there to help . It was some highway so no one actually wanted to stop . Then after some time a very nice person came and took us to a nearby hospital . They referred us to private hospital because of lack of resources there . So that guy took us to a private hospital and the first thing that the doctor said after looking at us was that we both were not in a condition to continue further and he suggested us to go back . We looked at each other and there was something in our eyes … Umm …. I don’t know .. Maybe some spark .. Spark to complete the thing that we started , spark to not give up , spark to face things and it was just the beginning . How could have we stayed there ? We took medicines and and the doctor tied bandage around his shoulder in order to provide some support . We started off the journey again and our first stop was Bilaspur . It is 180 kms before Manali . The next day we targeted our next destination to be Manali .On reaching there we found out that the routes for Leh were closed . We were like what to do now . The tourism department in Manali were not allowing us to go at the first place . After lot of convincing we managed to get permission to go till Keylong . It took us a lot of time to convince them but they agreed in the end.Somehow we managed to reach Rohtang pass . Now the next thing that worried us was the hypoxia problem … It was my first time at this high altitude so I had no experience of hypoxia . I was like I will faint now .. Oh god . I still remember how I managed to breathe there . For Keylong the route was down the hill .. Fine .. I was a bit relaxed but no … Something else was awaiting us ..We reached Rohtang . The once snowclad mountains were naked and the roads were flooded with water . Actually that wasn’t even a road . The whole time my eyes were on the road. So many thoughts were rushing in my mind and i was dead scared . What if anything happens on our way ? What if some fault occurs in the bike ? We did not even have any safeguards to protect ourselves. We just had petrol and water and maybe that was enough … Or maybe not ?Still didn’t lose hope . We somehow reached Keylong.


the people there told us that the routes will not open soon . We felt bad that this was actually waste our time, so we decided to explore Keylong.Then the next day we again started our journey . Our next destination was pang . That was the only place after Keylong where we saw people as in civilisation .So we left Keylong on 21 May . The route was so deadly and there is this top -Baralachals which is known for its serene mountains coated with snow . The view was terrific , on one side of the road the mountains were camouflaged with snow and the other side was sand of different colours. It felt like two different worlds running parallely .the silence of the valley and the echo of the sound of Enfield . It was hell scary but exciting too. Not even a single living organism was visible This was the first time when I saw snow covered mountains in my life . That feeling was ultimate .. I mean snow everywhere . Our feet were all drenched . After some time we actually didn’t feel anything .. It was like our feet were paralysed .. Luckily we met some people who were having boots that are worn by people who make roads . We bought those boots from them . Before Pang there is one place Sarchu . So we saw around some tents . So finally after 6 hrs of journey we found something to eat and saw some living beings. I was actually glad to see them . We had our breakfast there and interacted with the people there and left for pang .There we found some population of 30 people . IMG-20160914-WA0014They were from Leh and they usually set up tents for the tourists . In the night we both had rum and got high . Then the scene that we created was ultimate .. We started off with our relationship , how we met , how we planned this journey and those people were taking interest too. They started making our video and the next morning when they showed us the video we laughed like anything ..The next day we started for Leh . The roads were smooth like butter , the sky was clear as ocean water and the clouds were as white as milk.. That was one of the best view of the whole trip . I felt like I was on seventh heaven . The mountains were of different colours : red , green , mud . Our next stop was Kharu which was 35 kms before Leh . We decided to go to Pangong Lake first as it was more convenient for us to go to that lake from Kharu . There was a military station and some native people . There was not even a single guest house in Kharu where we could have stayed . The weather was not so good too. So we went to a petrol pump , that was the only option left with us where we could have spend our night . We asked those guys and they at once said yes without any hesitation . That was another exciting experience….I mean sleeping at a petrol pump . We became friends with those guys and we still talk to them . The people there are very helpful and welcoming. The next morning we went to Pangong Lake which was around 130 kms from Kharu . IMG-20160914-WA0016 (1)When we reached top the weather got bad . The army there warned us that if we have to reach safely then we should not stop in between and leave now . We started again par “kismat itni achi bhi nhi thi hamari ..mausam maharaj bole Ki itni aasani se Th Tum log nhi ja sakte or unhone apni aukat dikhani shuru Ki ” .. Heavy snowfall began and we were completely drenched . It was so cold but still we did not stop . He somehow managed to drive and we both were shivering and our hands and legs were so cold that we stopped feeling anything . That was one of the worst part of our journey . Finally we reached alive without any damage .. Such a relief that was .. Despite of every possible struggle the first view of the lake was so mesmerising that we forgot everything and stared at the lake for minutes so that we could make an image of that view in our memory for lifetime . Then we went to the camping site and then we came to know that there was no tent available there .. ” aisa Th Ho nhi sakta nhi Ki Kisi jagah koi bakchodi na Ho hamare sth ” . We had our tent with us but the problem was there was no place where we could have placed our tent and could have slept without any tension that the tent will be fixed for the whole night . The wind was blowing very fast . “Ab Kisi Ki kismat har bar bhi buri nhi Ho sakti na .. Kabhi kabhi Th kambakht Sath de hi jati hai ” . Then a guy come and he said that his dining tent is free and we could go and sleep there . I was so happy that I was about to hug that guy but suddenly I came into my senses and was like ” control control ..sharam Kar Sath mai tera Banda Khada hai .. ” .
But yes we both were relieved . We guys then kept our stuff in the tent and went outside to enjoy the view of the beautiful lake . The water changed its colour with the reflection of the sunlight and that view was just out of the world . We lit the campfire and at the first place we both were the only ones who were outside their tent . ” phir hum log ne itni nautanki Kari that everybody came out of their tents and all of us enjoyed . The next morning when we were about to leave for Leh and were packing our stuff those guys came and actually thanked us for making their night enjoyable and that Thankyou was like cherry on the cake .. We said goodbye to everyone and left for Leh . The city was not what I expected it be .It was like another metropolis. I did not liked that place . We were so used to being in isolated areas that we started liking silence .IMG-20160914-WA0020. Leh was crowded and we felt a bit uncomfortable and it actually became difficult for him to drive in crowded area . We roamed around a little , had a talk with some people and came back to the guest house . Now the Himachal trip was over and it was time to go to Jammu and Kashmir .. Exciting .. Huh… Not at all .. So many weird people , crowded places , lots of tragedies…ufff .

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We Started and there we came to know that the routes were closed .. What the hell.. Natak hi nhi Khatam Ho rhe the .. And don’t ask about the traffic jam .. The people were stuck in the traffic jam from last four days . Now you yourself can imagine how long the jam would have been . And another thing was the road was one way ..all we could see were trucks . Now the thing was we could not afford to waste our time waiting for the routes to open . He said sit .. I was like dude can’t you see the jam ..he said sit and this time I couldn’t argue with him and I sat on the bike .. ” us time toh Bhagwan ko yad Karne k Alawa kuch option nhi tha ” . This might sound funny but the whole time I was chanting hanuman Chalisa . Silly .. Isn’t it ?? But no .. Chanting helped me a lot . ” nhi Th Jo halat Kharab Ho rhi thi na pucho mat”. I can’t even explain the feeling I was going through at that time .IMG-20160914-WA0019 At one point I actually closed my eyes and was like ab toh Bhagwan bharose hai Sab ..The Zozilla pass route is considered as one of the most dangerous routes it’s like I don’t even want to remember that road .. Actually not road… Those were just pits filled with water .. So deep pits that I had to get down from the bike it became difficult for him to drive as the bike was loaded too .. After 6 hours of dreadful journey we reached Sonmarg safely .. What a relief that was .. Sonmarg was beautiful .. The rivers , the trees , the flowers , the greenery was just awesome . The feeling was the same as someone inside a dark room gets to see some light from a small hole . Out tiredness was gone . We were transfixed by the view . We stayed in Sonmarg for about 1 hour and then we decided to go to Gulmarg . This was not planned. We were like we will directly go to Srinagar . But then he suddenly said that let’s go to Gulmarg . I said fine …. “Ek or jagah Shi ” . When we reached Gulmarg the first view was breathtaking .. The conifers , the flowers , the snow , decorated horses , Pandolas , cottage houses , the church , the temple , the fish pond , the children’s park , the food , kawa and endless things were just out of the world .. It was heaven …. We kept our stuff in the guest house and without wasting even a single minute went outside to cherish the moment .. It was all natural there .. We had a talk to some people there .. They were people from border and were narrating their stories about the hardships they faced and about their life . That place was so beautiful that I could have stayed there for my entire life . The next day we left for Srinagar . The next day we left for Srinagar . It’s an altogether different world of a different era .. Itni shanti thi Ki Ajeeb lag rha tha . When we asked people about that stillness they said it was because of a recent terrorist attack . They were very normal while saying this thing . I asked them don’t these people get scared . I was quiet shocked when I heard their reply . They said that ” ye toh hota h Rehta hai .. Bachpan se yhi dekhte aye hai .. Aadat ho chuki hai ab ye Sab Ki ” .. I was okay .. Apko aadat hogi Lekin hum dono Ki us time Phati thi Vo Th bas pucho hi Mat . Phir Th jo bike udai hai hmko bhi nhi pata chala Ki kab srinagar aa gya . Somehow we reached Srinagar . We were wearing boots when we left for Srinagar . In the mid way we stopped to change our shoes as the weather was a bit hot . When we stopped what we saw that our shoes weren’t there on the bike . Actually we had hung our shoes at the back of the bike .. ” phir se kismat daga de gyi .” . We both were a bit upset about this thing .With our bad faces we looked for some footwear shop and bought ourselves a pair of shoes. With heavy hearts we decided to drag ourselves out of that guest house and explore a bit . We went to Dal Lake and that view was quiet okayIMG-20160914-WA0017 .. Not at all comparable to that of Gulmarg and other places that actually provided us with a sense of happiness and peace but it was not that bad .. It was overcrowded . We were used to silence and sudden exposure to so much population was quiet weird . We were not happy .. We wanted to go back to Ladakh , in that ice , the silence , buddhists , cold water , clear sky and the list was endless . Still we somehow managed to convince ourselves with this fact that it is better to accept the reality rather than getting upset about what actually will not happen . We had a ride in the Shikara and that was the best part about that place .. 2 hours of ride we felt a bit peaceful .. Our stay in Srinagar was okay .. Not memorable .. At night I don’t know why but we both had this intuition that something bad is gonna happen the next day . Quiet weird na ..? We both gave hope to each other and chucked out that intuition . But there is this saying ” things that are meant to be will eventually happen ” … And the same happened with us . It was like time was repeating . Like the very first day when we started our journey we had got late , in the same way we got late for leaving for Jammu .. Aisa lag rha tha Sab kuch same Ho rha earlier we guys fought over this late thing …. Phir Kya .. ” after 3 hours of our journey we guys met with an accident again .. This time it was actually serious one .. There was oil spread on the road and the bike actually slipped for some metres .. We guys were lying on the road … With our arms and knees scratched and blood all over .. But this time we guys stood up , laughed and said ” kambakht intuition Shi Ho gya ” . The bike was all damaged . But thank god there were people there to help us out . The bike stopped working . We dragged the bike for around 3 kms where we found a mechanic . He somehow repaired the bike . He suggested us to go to hospital and get checked but we guys were like . It’s okay .. We are fine . We stood up , he started the bike and we left for Jammu again .. ” aadat Ho gyi thi girkar Uthne Ki ” . People there used to call us mad . But we never gave up and never stopped . Actually we didn’t started to stop.. If we wanted to stop we would have ended the journey the very first day..IMG-20160914-WA0018

Anyways ..due to heavy rain we managed to reach till Udhampur only .. But that was okay .. We both had whisky and got really high … We were so so tired and fucked up that it was a much needed break … The next morning we packed our stuff and planned to go back to Noida .. We thought that we would Noida by Evening … But no ” sometime things don’t go the way we plan them” . We started and everything was going fine till afternoon .. Suddenly weather changed like anything .. dust storms , heavy rains , lightning and what not .. At one point it became very difficult for him to drive because the storm was so heavy he was not able to balance the bike as it was loaded too.. At one point we were about to fall again but somehow he managed to balance the bike .. We both were so tired and frustrated due to the weather .. We had to stop after every one hour either due to heavy traffic or due to heavy rain . We planned to reach noida till evening but we managed to reach till Panipat and it was 9 pm already .. The roads were so slippery that it was near to impossible to start again and there was not much light on the highway too .. I suggested him to stay at Panipat only as it was not safe for both of us to continue the journey at night and that too in such a weather .. But no… Vo jab Apne upar aa jata h Th Kisi or Ki bat sun le .. No ways .. Noida Th pahunchna hi tha .. After waiting for around 1 hour , rain stopped and we started again .. And then we didn’t stopped .. And we reached noida safely at around 4 in the morning .. That feeling when we reached at the flat was so much relieving … So many mixed emotions were there … Happy about being safe and upset about coming back to the same old dull phase of life .. Nothing can replace those moments of my life .. 15 days and my perspective towards living life was completely changed … My story may not be about aims , success or other big words of our life . It may not be ideal as it has many flaws like lying to your parents and other stuff but the main purpose of writing this thing was to let you know that it’s not only education , work or people that can teach you things … Adventures can teach you hell lot of things … One finds oneself , what Is he worth for . The best thing I learnt from my journey was to keep going … No matter what comes your way … If you are passionate enough about anything , you will achieve it .. And that is what we did .. We didn’t gave up or lose hope .. This journey was not at all easy for us .. It wasn’t supposed to be easy .. The hardships is what makes it great .. The same thing goes with our life .. It isn’t supposed to be easy but facing every obstacle with a smile on your face is what actually makes a difference .. Living life just for the sake of living it is not our priority … Living life with doing some crazy stuff and then learning from them is what actually makes it worth . Don’t give up on your dreams , keep going , keep fighting , and one day you will be at the top with a feeling that would to be incomparable to any kind of happiness .. And someday you’ll look back , smile and say that yes , you’ve lived the life of your dreams and that is what an adventure is – discovering our unique potentials . There is one thing common between travelling and life .. They both leaves marks on us , our body , heart or soul and these marks helps us to learn from them and finally they let us grow . It’s all about leaving a piece of ourselves behind and risking ourselves doing more than what exist .IMG-20160914-WA0013

” Because life begins at the end of our comfort zone. And you only live once “

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