Hampta Pass- A trek to the Himalayas – Bibhudutt Misra

Hampta Pass- A trek to the Himalayas – Bibhudutt Misra

April 23, 2016 0 By admin

Hi! My name is  Bibhudutt Misra.

Since childhood days I was  kind of a crazy person loving to do all types of crazy things and one of the craziest thing  I did is going for this trek and I was the only person from Odisha.

It all started when I saw the movie ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani’ and at that moment I got it instantly in my mind to go on an adventure i.e. going for  trekking and that  too om my first ever, to the mountains @ 14500 ft above sea level. The next thing I did is immediately go and post over my facebook wall asking any of my friends to join me.But everyone knows how this works out,and all I got was negative response from friends and family to  saying me that its going to be a waste of time and all the more dangerous and the craziest part was I had chosen a date in the monsoon season when the mountains are really dangerous.


My parents came to know about it from my relatives and you can imagine the rest.It was hell of a nightmare for me to get scolded by them for choosing to go on a trek and I guess they were right in there place too, because it was my first time and I had chosen to go alone. But my heart said it to me that Bibhu you need to do this any how. So without much waiting I did all the bookings and that too without informing my parents to which I was badly scolded. My friends said to me that “Are you crazy. How did you think of going in this trek and that too all alone” to which I replied that “I will do it any how and once I return,you will all be jealous of me.”

Somehow I convinced my parents about letting me go but the problem was that during the trek I would be completely out of contact listening to which my mom was very scared but my father told her to let me go but I knew no one wanted me to go because,it was dangerous but in my mind one thing was running always which is the Mountain Dew advertisement – “Darr ke age jeet hai”.

I would have done this trek anyhow with or without permission and acceptance from anyone.


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Finally all the bookings were done and I bought all the necessary things and the day of my journey started and the beginning started to go wrong as my bus met with an accident but luckily no one was injured. I was a bit apprehensive about the journey because the starting went wrong but I gathered all my confidence and prayed to god and finally the day of trek came and rest all is a beautiful memory for me with may ups and downs during the trek but reaching to the highest point of that mountain was the best and the craziest part.


After my trek ended and I came back to my home town everyone I knew was so happy and eagerly waiting to hear from me especially my parents and my friends and I still tell them one thing always that I will go to the Himalayas as many times possible not because I am crazy but because these mountains are the best place to be in peace.

Thats all a small crazy part of my long story of trekking expedition to the Himalayas.

Thank you.

Contact me – bibhu24x7@gmail.com

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