In the end, we’re all stories, waiting to be told. – Kshitij Choudhary

In the end, we’re all stories, waiting to be told. – Kshitij Choudhary

March 18, 2018 0 By Illiterate Folks

Standing on the threshold of adulthood. Teenage is on its verge of doom. Finally overcoming the state where I was sick of hearing “you’re too young” and “you’re too old” simultaneously, but, I guess that’s the only good thing about leaving such a beautiful phase of life. This brink of adulthood is decidophobic’s nightmare. All of sudden you have to start making mature decisions and clear yourself a path to secured future (trust me, I have no idea what a secured future really looks like).  Whereas, all I desire to do is stay in my cosy bed and wander myself in the charming world of fiction.

All of a sudden it feels like life has taken a twist in the fierce storms and sails just changed their directions. As if my ship wrecked and I’ve taken a plunge into the world of physical entities and I’m at the brink of drowning in waves of decision-making. Truth is, I just don’t want to grow up. “Wish that I could stay forever this young.” Wish I could have been sixteen throughout my life, to live in the comfort of having your parents decide what’s best for you. At sixteen all I wanted was to grow up so that I could make my own decisions. How ironic!



It’s rather an intimidating duty, waiting for a future stuffed with uncertainties, when, in fact, there is a beautiful world of fiction and stories offering me to hide in it, which makes me feel that I belong there.
Maybe I would like to hibernate myself in Wonderland. Wished I could get my Hogwarts letter so that I could get away from the reality, which is not real for me. You know, there is a reason why I am into magic.

Magic makes you believe in impossibilities. That, just for a short moment of time your mind can create wonders. It brings out the inner child in you. That inner child is one place in you that still believes in miracles and it gives you the power to wonder.

I’ve spent a lot of time of my childhood wrapped around fictitious stuffs. Books, movies and dadi ki stories – fell in love several times with numerous characters, which I know are not real, role models who didn’t exist. But they all existed in a real world of imagination. I’ve spent a great deal of childhood playing video games because each game has its own different world. Maybe one day I will come across to my Elizabeth Bennet or Luna Lovegood or who knows, real life Madeleine Hanna? Or perhaps, Gandalf will come one fine day to take me on an unexpected journey. Funny? Okay.

My mom says, “You’re not normal. Get a real life.”
I say, “I am a reader/gamer/dreamer not because I don’t have a life but because I choose to have many.”

Only if I could pause the time and cherish the lasting moments of care free freedom, to make reckless decisions which seemed best at that moment, and, to have endless time to read/play/watch without having to worry about what-next, I’d love to grow.

Like any other kid, I too was confused in what to pursue as a career. I still am but I chose the field of Journalism and Mass Communication. As already explained my thirst and lust for stories, I realised that stories are the sole thing I revolve around. Hence I decided that stories should be my sole purpose I should live for.

I am a radio artist. I received the exposure of radio at an early age of twelve. I worked at All India Radio as a drama artist. Then later on interned at Radio Mirchi, Patna too. But no, I would not be interested in terming myself solely as a radio artist.


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I have this undeniable love to travel. I have travelled a great stretch of North India, mostly on roads. Solo–backpacking, groups etc. Company never bothered me. I loved travelling for the very reason that I get to interact with so many people and each one of them had a story of their own to tell. I started documenting my journeys in the form of journals, photo-stories, vlogs and films. Still, traveller would be a too vague term to define myself.

I happen to be a magician too. I started magic as a hobby and with time it has turned in to a passion. I started to blog all my thoughts, opinions, travelogues and lot more. I like to write stuffs that bothered me or I cared about. With time, filmmaking is what I came closest to as far as choosing a career is concerned. I made several short films and some of them even got selected at national and international film-festival in India and abroad.




So, I tried to define myself. Who am I? Am I a blogger? Or a magician? Or maybe I’m more of a filmmaker and a traveller? But, why limiting myself to just single tag? I pondered deeply about what I actually do, and came to the conclusion that if there’s one thing that is common to all, is stories.

I love to term myself a storyteller. After all, everything I do and that I’ve been doing, revolve around telling stories. Be it a blogger or a magician, traveller or an radio jockey, filmmaker or a journalist, it’s the stories that I’ve been telling all this time. My job is to make people care about my obsessions and to know about the things that really bother me. In the end, we’re all stories, waiting to be told.

नाम है क्षितिज, पटना (बिहार) से आता हूँ ,
ज़िद तो है आसमान छूने की, लेकिन पाँव ज़मीन पर ही रखता हूँ|

 Kshitij Choudhary (@TravellingHaathi)

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