Bawli Booch-Raj Kaushal

Bawli Booch-Raj Kaushal

March 4, 2017 0 By Raj Kaushal

Hi!! I am Raj kaushal, a 20 year individual,born in Nepal,settled in Manali,and Downhill biking and Enduro free riding is my forte.It’s been 6 years,since I started my journey.I got hooked to this sport ever since I watched a mountain biking documentary and there has been no looking back.

The feeling of speeding downhill on the unpredictable curves of mountain roads is adrenaline pumping.Words can merely describe the rush.

Starting out Rajesh has been a big inspiration. He has taught me a lot and helped me improve my skills and we ride together very often. I met Shyam Limbu from Nepal recently and  he too has motivated me a lot.

My day starts early at 6:30AM. I ride and train on local trails everyday before I report to my office where I work as a trail and tour guide with Himalayan Mountain Bike Network. The entire week is pretty chilled out as I get to work around the sport I love.! I work as a lead guide for long distance mountain bike tours to Ladakh and also organize fun trips with my friends. I also get to learn a lot by working with various riders that visit Manali. I have also started racing recently and all these activities are like big learning experiences. I recently raced the kohima downhill Mountain Bike Trophy during the Himalayan Mountain Bike Festival where I got to ride and race with riders from many countries like Nepal, Ireland, Australia… that too in my town. This opportunity helped me to grab more skills which is proving beneficial for me. I want to race more and I’m already training for my next race in Nepal.

Races – Himachal downhill trophy 2 times / 2nd  – 2015  1st place – 2016

Kohima downhill championship 2 times; 2015 – 3rd place,Kohima Enduro race – 3place 2016 |

One might say I have had decent success in the domain.And working on what you love is all cheese and cream,isn’t it?

Well!!! Not really. I lack support.That’s why I live alone and try to work as much as I can so that I can stay in the sport. It’s very hard as I have to work back to back as a tour guide in order to survive. Riding 600Km in 10 days on a high altitude bicycle tour as a lead guide is a tough job. Doing it back to back is even tougher. But that helps me to train better.In addition,I’m fairly new to the sport and being self supported I have to also manage my studies and living. Its a tough life, but working as a bicycle tour guide and trekking guide and racing at the same time is what I’m really enjoying. With support and guidance of my mentor sunam tamang I’m sure I will stick to this culture and hopefully things will become better for me in coming time.

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I hope to get sponsors someday who can help me to become a better athlete and give me better gears.

The challenges in the field were many,but so were the supporters.

I would like to thank all my friends who have supported me and a big shout to Vinay and Sam.
Also Wining races and  showing result ,have garnered me the support and motivation from my family as well,without which none of this would be possible.

Apart from biking I love other adventure activities,including trekking,rock climbing, and rafting.

Do what makes you happy and you sure would be successful.

Have a craving for adventure,and you would live a more fulfilled life.

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Thank you.

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