A Brief about the Project –

www.khiskikhopadi.com is a blogging project,which was initially launched in December of 2015,with the aim to share stories of travel and adventure as the name “Khiski Khopadi” Suggests.The Project was launched by three school friends all in different colleges,as a means to quench their thirst for stories of adventure.

The first five stories we posted were received well,but still couldn’t get the expected audience reach.Upon browsing some websites,and spreading the news about our project to our acquaintances we realized that,the content we were creating was although interesting,but not unique and as a result scaling up seemed far fetched.At the same time we realized that there is great potential in sharing stories,experiences and journey of everyday people,something which has not been explored much as a blogging theme.

Website Shares Stories Everyday People

Website Shares Stories Everyday People

And so we decided to Pivot.


The first few stories we got were from our friends,and when we shared the same on our social media,the reaction we got was amazing.Two things happened simultaneously –

1 – The friends of the person sharing their stories,got to know them better and ended up being inspired by their stories.

2 – The person sharing his/her story received appreciation for it,and developed a positivity,that people around him believed and cared for him,and also what he has achieved in life is a matter of pride.

Khiski Khopadi


With this the core motto/belief  of our little project was formed that –

“People are inspired most by the stories of those around them”


And since we believed that every person in him/herself is a Khiski Khopadi our tagline became


“Cause Everyone Has a Crazy in Us”


Since all three of us were still in college,we could only dedicate minor time to the blog and as a result the blog was “Going but not Growing”.

With the completion of our college courses this year,we have now diverted our full focus to making Khiski Khopadi a brand and have been actively working for the same.

Over 100 stories of interesting people from various walks of life have been already shared and impacted reached more than over a lakh individuals.

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We can be called as the “Website shares stories everyday people”

What are you waiting for? Submit yours today and inspire someone in your social circle.


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