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March 20, 2018 0

Don’t leave your passion and it will never leave you. – Umang Gaba

By Illiterate Folks

I never knew what my passion was till the age of 23. I was directionless, I changed so many fields in life and I never thought I will be a writer ever, but life imparted wisdom to me in its...

February 23, 2018 0

A Journey To My Self – Pallavi Marwah

By Illiterate Folks

DISCLAIMER: The writer of this expedition is a second year Literature Student. She is a constant learner, who loves people,...

February 11, 2018 0

Self Love should Always be the Priority – Shubhangini

By Illiterate Folks

Life kinda change sometimes. Maybe for good or for the worst. As humans we probably fail to understand everything. So...